> Members

The NVTL has about 850 members, most of whom work as garden or landscape architects. About half our members are registered with the Architects Register of the Netherlands and are therefore entitled to use the professional title ‘garden and landscape architect’. Many members are active in one of the Association’s many committees or networks in which the Association participates.

> Board

The NVTL Board has seven members. The Board lays down the Association’s policies and oversees their implementation by the secretariat and the committees.
Each board member is responsible for one area of policy, such as education, practice advocacy, international contacts and professional development. The Board meets once a month to discuss current business and take decisions.

The NVTL board currently comprises the following members:
> Frans Boots
> Jeroen Boon
> Maaike Bos
> Esther Kruit
> Gerrit van Oosterom
> Henk Schuitemaker
> Vacancy

> President

Frans Boots
Frans Boots (1965) was appointed president of the NVTL in June 2012. He succeeded Arda van Helsdingen, who headed the Association for the previous three years. Frans has been at Bureau B+B Urbanism and Landscape Architecture in Amsterdam for sixteen years, the last three years as part of the management team. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the practice and supervises projects for public space, green landscaping and urban design. He is also a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.



> Secretariat

The secretariat is the Association’s first point of contact for members and external enquiries. The secretariat consists of Peter Wijnhof (general affairs) and Selinda Stompé (administration).
The secretariat shares offices with the BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) and the BNSP (Dutch Professional Organisation of Urban Designers and Planners) at the following address:
Jollemanhof 14
1019 GW Amsterdam
T 020 - 427 55 90
F 020 - 421 71 72
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

> Committees

Almost all the Association’s activities are organised and coordinated by committees of volunteers. At the moment there are five active committees:

> Advisory Council

The Board is advised by the Advisory Council, which comprises prominent members with specific expertise who are committed to the Association. They advise the Board on the direction of policy and shaping implementation of the NVTLs’ mission and goals. The Advisory Council holds at least two meetings with the Board each year.

The Adisory Council currently consist of the following members: 

> Edzo Bindels, partner at West 8, Rotterdam
> Bart Brands, director of Karres en Brands, Hilversum
> Marlies Brinkhuijsen, assistant professor Wageningen University, Wageningen
> Eric Luiten, Goverment advisor on Landscape, Utrecht
> Harry Harsema, director of Blauwdruk Publishers / Magazine Blauwe Kamer, Wageningen
> Martin Knuijt, partner at OKRA landschapsarchitecten, Utrecht
> Ben Kuipers, landscape architect, Delft
> Maike van Stiphout, director of DS landschapsarchitecten, Amsterdam
> Peter Veenstra, partner at  LOLA landscape architects, Rotterdam
> Wim Voogt, partner at OKRA landschapsarchitecten, Utrecht

> Honorary members

The NVTL Constitution allows the Board to acknowledge individual members who have made exceptional contributions to the goals of the Association by appointing them honorary members.
The Board pursues an active and considered approach to appointing honorary members and seeks to make optimal use of the expertise of these individuals by encouraging them to make a modest but valuable contribution to shaping the Association’s policies.

The association currently has four honorary members: 

In memoriam:

> Carl van Empelen

> Constitution and Regulations

The Association’s governance structure and Code of Conduct are set out in the Constitution and Regulations. All NVTL members must endorse the Association’s Code of Conduct. Members listed on the Architects Register who have endorsed the Code of Conduct have the right to use the designation ‘BNT’ after their names.

The Constitution, Regulations and Code of Conduct can be downloaded here (in Dutch only). 

> Constitution (download pdf)
> Regulations (download pdf)
> Code of Conduct (download pdf)