vanempelenCarl van Empelen

Carl van Empelen, honorary member of the NVTL, died on 29 June 2010. All those in the Association held Carl in great respect for his many years of service to the continuation and development of the Association, and to the profession as a whole. Carl was involved in the work of the NVTL, and its predecessor the BNT, for more than fifty years. It was an integral part of both his professional and private life. In 1948 he joined the BNT as a student member and in 1953 he became a registered landscape architect. By then he was already active as secretary of the Design Competition Committee (under the chairmanship of Bijhouwer) and in 1956 he was appointed chair of the Technical Advisory Committee. He sat on the NVTL Board from 1960 to 1970 and from 1980 to 1990.
Carl made great strides in setting up the administrative structures of the Association, including compiling the fees table and preparing materials for drafting the title protection legislation. More recently he was chair of the arbitral tribunal.
This impressive and far from complete list of activities, his amiable personality and the inspiring manner in which he worked with his colleagues over the years in management boards, councils and committees more than warrant his honorary membership.