As a legislation lawyer at the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, Hans Groeneveld was involved in drafting the Architects’ Title Act, which came into force on 7 July 1987. At the ministry he was in charge of setting up the structures needed to make the Act work in practice. One of these was the Architects Registry Office, which is responsible for the proper application of the law, administering the examinations and registration in the Architects Register, and protection of the architects’ title. Since 1993 Hans has been director of the Architects Registry Office and in that capacity the secretary of the examination committee for Garden and Landscape Architecture.

In recent years Hans has made an exceptional contribution to the advancement of garden and landscape architecture through his efforts to safeguard the position of qualified landscape architects and improve the quality of the degree programmes. He has always sought to involve the professional associations in the work of the Register. He also played a key role in resisting the proposed abolition of the statutory protection of the architects title and amendment of the law and relevant regulations. The way in which he has managed potential conflicts of interest between the profession, policy makers and the degree programmes is highly commendable. The NVTL felt the best way to express the profession’s appreciation for his work was to award him with an honorary membership of our Association.