[100jaar] NVTL & AvB: Book launch 'The Power of Landscape' - NVTL

[100jaar] NVTL & AvB: Book launch ‘The Power of Landscape’


Thursday 6 October

19.00 doors open
19.30 book launch (full programme t.b.c.)
21:00 drinks

Hoge Zaal
Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213
1018PG Amsterdam

Locatie: Amsterdam
do 6 oktober 2022

The Power of Landscape

Join us on Thursday 6 October for the book launch of The Power of Landscape, a publication by Sven Stremke, Dirk Oudes and Paolo Picchi. As the research group High-Density Energy Landscape, their research focused on the development of sustainable energy landscapes with special attention for the roles of design and the designer in relation to energy transition. This event and book launch concludes their work as a research group at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

The transition to a post-carbon future is in full swing. Across the globe, fossil fuels are giving way to renewable sources of energy.

Yet the development of new energy landscapes often meets with resistance. Is there a better way to bridge the growing gap between urgency and action?

The Power of Landscape explores various energy landscapes in Europe and the US in the past, present and future. The starting point of the book is the meaning that the landscape holds in terms of quality and emotion for its inhabitants and other landscape users. In doing so, it builds a bridge between the world of renewable energy and our living environment for the first time. The book offers a surprising perspective on how landscape can play a more central role in realizing the energy transition in a way that is both sustainable and attractive.