Young NVTL Debate: A palm tree in the polder? Planting for the new climate - NVTL

Young NVTL Debate: A palm tree in the polder? Planting for the new climate


“How should landscape designers approach native and exotic plant species in a changing climate?”

Locatie: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
wo 5 juni 2024

Join us for the Young NVTL debate, where we will address the question, “How should landscape designers approach native and exotic plant species in a changing climate?”. As climate change challenges traditional approaches to planting, the debate on whether exotic trees should play a more prominent role is intensifying. In addition, the effects on native ecosystems and the aesthetics of our landscapes remain of great importance.

Our panel of experts will lead a thought-provoking discussion on the delicate balance between ecological conservation and the artistic integrity of landscape design. Public participation is encouraged, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas on the future of planting in the face of climate change. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the dialogue shaping the landscape architecture profession. Participate and gain valuable insights into navigating the complexities of plant selection amid a changing climate.

Eva radionova Eva Radionova is a landscape architect. She studied Biogeography at Moscow State University and earned a Ph.D. in Botany by selecting and establishing a collection of North American perennials suitable for the mixed-forest zone of Russia. In 2011 she obtained an MLA degree from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

Eva has worked as a landscape architect on Dutch and international projects for over a decade. In 2012 she founded Novascape. Nature serves as the primary inspiration and foundation for Eva’s designs. With prioritizing improved ecology, restored hydrology, and increased biodiversity, Eva reshapes urban landscapes with ecological resilience in projects worldwide.

Marc Ravesloot 
Marc Ravesloot is Senior Researcher at Wageningen University & Research, Business Unit Agrosystems Science. He studied biology and chemistry in Utrecht and Botanical Ecology at RUU. With expertise in nursery products and fruit cultivation, he leads projects on Green & Well-being and the WUR Taskforce Nitrogen. His research at CSI Trees focuses on climate-adaptive urban trees, using phenotyping techniques to evaluate stress resistance. He explores the use of non-native tree species in the context of climate change. Marc’s work focuses on defining ideal tree types for different locations to address future challenges.

René van loon 
René van Loon is an ecological consultant specialised in seed and cutting propagation and has owned his own consultancy since 2002. His work resulted in cultivating hundreds of thousands of shrubs and trees and founding the National Gene Bank of Indigenous Trees and Shrubs. Additionally, he harvests seeds and cuttings of native trees and shrubs on behalf of Staatsbosbeheer. René advocates an integrated approach to native species, prioritizing nature conservation and historical landscape preservation.

Vita Teunissen
Vita Teunissen MA MSc (1994), partner and architect-researcher, resides and works in Rotterdam. Vita bridges the language of history with that of design analysis. Her strength lies in connecting intangible themes – identity, narratives, characters – with spatial properties and interventions. There’s always room for change, as long as we cherish our memory and imbue the new with meaning. Vita is a member of architectural and building history at the Municipality of Delft’s Quality Advisory Committee (aesthetic judgment) and was a jury member for the Lieven de Key Medal, Haarlem’s annual architecture prize in 2022. She serves as a guest lecturer in cultural history and urban planning at TU Delft. Vita operates from a former cheese shop in Overschie, our office in Rotterdam. In 2022, Vita was one of the three finalists for the national Monument Talent Award.

About Young NVTL:
Young NVTL is a network set up especially for and by young designers up to 35 years old and (almost) working in the Netherlands within landscape architecture.

This event will be english-spoken