Marker Wadden Conference 2022 (12-14 October) - NVTL

Marker Wadden Conference 2022 (12-14 October)


Date & location
Wednesday 12 October: BIMHUIS and Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Thursday 13 October: EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
Friday 14 October: Field Trip to Marker Wadden

For whom?
We welcome professionals from governments, nature organisations, companies and knowledge institutions involved in ecological restoration and management of shallow lakes.

Wed 12 October 2022

The Marker Wadden is an unique nature restoration project. The Marker Wadden consist of a series of archipelago nature islands that are constructed to halt the decline of the ecosystem in the Markermeer by improving water quality, life below water and create new (recreational) nature area. The new islands group in the Markermeer is a Living Lab for researchers. The dedicated research programme KIMA is studying the development of the ecosystem. Never before has excess fine sediment been used on a large scale to construct nature islands for ecosystem restoration.

Come and learn about the research results. We invite you to discuss ecological restoration and Building with Nature in shallow lakes, related to climate adaptation and biodiversity.

Programme Overview

12 October Wednesday 
Focus: Knowledge sharing Marker Wadden and Lake Marken
Location: BIMHUIS and Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

  • Building with mud for nature; re-use of silty sediments
  • Building islands for ecosystem restoration: fish and birds as indicators of ecosystem functioning
  • Shelter and disturbance, effects of Marker Wadden on lake dynamics and spatial diversity in water quality
  • Sandy beaches and dunes and their role in flood protection and nature restoration
  • Implementation in water management and citizen science
  • Financing nature restoration and impact of contracting on ecology

13 October Thursday
Focus: Shallow lakes restoration – themes and challenge
Location: EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam

  • Marker Wadden as an example for other areas (upscaling and financing)
  • Re-use of (unsuitable) Sediments
  • Ecosystem Restoration; an effective measure for biodiversity recovery?
  • Role of Climate Adaptation (or mitigation) in Nature Based Solutions
  • Green Deal & EU Biodiversity Strategy
  • healthy landscapes; role of landscape design in ecosystem restoration

14 October Friday
Field trip to Marker Wadden

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