The Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam offers a Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture. This course of study can be taken by students who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Wageningen University or Van Hall Larenstein or who have a similar degree from a university or college in the Netherlands or elsewhere. The language of instruction is Dutch. It is a part-time course and must be accompanied by part-time employment in professional practice. The internal curriculum is geared to acquiring knowledge of the discipline and design skills. The external curriculum enables the student to gain the necessary professional experience. Study and work complement each other and together make up a full-time curriculum.

Landscape architects play an increasingly important role in the process of spatial planning and the design of the public domain. The emphasis in the Landscape Architecture programme at the Academy of Architecture is on working on the sustainable transformation of the environment in which we live. During the study programme students examine new developments and social trends and aspirations. The Academy of Architecture approaches physical design as a discipline that operates at the interface between art, science and engineering at various scales and levels of abstraction, from urban parks to transnational landscapes. During their studies, students work closely with architecture and urban design students. Graduates receive the title Master of Science. Some work as designers or project managers at landscape architecture practices in the Netherlands and abroad or start their own practice. Others work as landscape architects in the public sector, for consulting firms or large multinational companies. 

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