The English language programme in Landscape Architecture at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is a Master’s track within the Faculty of Architecture. This Master’s track can be taken by students who have obtained the Faculty’s broader Bachelor’s degree (in Dutch) or a comparable Bachelor’s degree elsewhere. The Faculty’s Bachelor’s programme covers architecture, urbanism, construction management, architectural technology and landscape architecture. The core element of the Bachelor’s programme is learning how to design, accompanied by teaching in technical and drawing skills and in architectural history and information technology.

The two-year Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture at TU Delft is closely related to architecture and urban design. Various aspects of the discipline are treated, from the theoretical foundations to practical exercises and from research to policy, always looked at from an architectural perspective and in the context of the urban environment. Learning to design remains at the heart of the Master’s programme, supplemented by specialised landscape architectural skills and subjects such as plant science, soil science, hydrology, ecology and sociology. Teaching is directly related to the Faculty’s four main research themes: Architecture and Landscape, Dutch Lowlands, Urban Landscapes and Heritage Landscapes. Graduates receive the title Master of Science. Because this programme has only been running for a few years, no students have graduated yet and so little can be said about where they will work. Most landscape architecture students at TU Delft want to work for a landscape architecture practice or start their own private practice.

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