Wageningen University, a part of Wagenignen University and Research Centre, offers a three-year Bachelor’s programme in Landscape Architecture and Planning and a two-year Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture and Planning. Most of the courses in the Bachelor’s programme are taught in Dutch; the language of instruction in the Master’s programme is English. Wageningen University also offers graduates the possibility of pursuing a doctorate in landscape architecture.

The main features of the Wageningen programme are the grounding in landscape science as the basis of landscape design and planning, a focus on the regional scale, and its theoretical and research-oriented character. The Bachelor’s programme of Landscape Architecture and Planning begins with an introductory year that covers social and environmental aspects in equal measure, with courses such as environmental sciences, ecology and social geography. The Master’s programme explores the Dutch/West European metropolitan landscape within the global context of cultural, ecological, technological, economic and political transformations. Students are trained to develop an independent and critical attitude to landscape architecture, planning and research. The Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes consist of compulsory courses common to the whole programme and specialisations in landscape architecture and spatial planning. The Master’s programme also offers a specialisation in socio-spatial analysis.

Wageningen graduates receive the title Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Master of Science (MSc). They work as designers, consultants, policy advisers, project managers and researchers at architectural, landscape and planning practices, environmental and engineering consultancies, government authorities and universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

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