The NVTL is an association for its members and offers member benefits. The services we provide are therefore central to the work of the Association.

> NVTL Helpdesk

The NVTL is working to set up a digital helpdesk which affiliated practices can consult on practical questions about topics such as copyright, taking on projects abroad and disputes with clients.
Sharing our accommodation with the BNA, BNO and BNSP provides excellent opportunities to work closely with these associations, pool our knowledge and make use of each other’s facilities. We are currently discussing such arrangements.
In the meantime you may of course contact the NVTL with your questions. All enquiries should be made to the secretariat: 0031 (0)20-4275590

> Legal advice

The NVTL provides legal advice to its members on a range of issues, such as employment contracts, copyright, procurement law and insurance questions. The type of support we provide depends on the issue at hand, but there is always the possibility of obtaining primary legal aid (advice) at no cost from Fred van Rijckevorssel, lawyer, who provides this service for the members impartially and without obligation.

For legal advice members can contact the secretariat on 0031 (0)20-4275590. If you cannot contact us at this number and you have an urgent enquiry, please call 0031 (0)6-11000075.

> Standard form of Basic Contract (DNR) 2011

Many members use the De Nieuwe Regeling (DNR) or Standard form of Basic Contract. The DNR was drawn up by the BNA and ONRI (The Netherlands association of consulting engineers, now NLingenieurs), with the assistance of the NVTL. It contains general provisions for the legal relationship between contracting parties, explanatory notes to these, and a standard form of contract. The DNR was revised in 2011. Some conditions are now better formulated and the liability regime has been amended.

The DNR and extensive explanatory notes on its application are free and can be downloaded from the website of BNA.