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Bijeenkomst Platform Klimaat en erfgoed

Locatie: Amersfoort
Wed 29 March 2023

OntwerpAcademie: opleiding Beplantingsadviseur

Locatie: Hazerswoude-Dorp/Boskoop
Mon 3 April 2023

Naturio: cursus Meer natuur in ontwerp; Ecologische relaties

Locatie: Utrecht
Thu 23 March 2023

Wageningen Universiteit: LAR-Live event

Thu 30 March 2023

Rondleiding en fietsexcursie Dutch Landscape Designed, 1946-1954 (30 en 31 maart)

Locatie: Veenendaal
Thu 30 March 2023

Young NVTL: Back to the Future: AI takes over

Locatie: Utrecht
Thu 20 April 2023

OntwerpAcademie: cursus SketchUp voor de tuin

Locatie: Hazerswoude-Dorp
Tue 4 April 2023

Naturio: cursus Meer natuur in ontwerp; Natuurinclusief groen

Locatie: Utrecht
Thu 6 April 2023

OntwerpAcademie: cursus Biodivers ontwerpen

Locatie: Hazerswoude-Dorp
Thu 6 April 2023

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Continuing education and training
Those who are registered in the Architects Register are required by law to attend a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education each year. This obligation applies to each registration. The responsibility for continuing education lies with the registered architect himself.
Our calendar shows which courses, conferences and excursions count as continuing education.

More information about continuing education can be found at the Architects Register.