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Our partners are very important to us. It is partly thanks to them that we can promote our field with verve, stimulate professional development and facilitate collaborations within our industry and beyond.

Become a partner?

SmitsRinsma is a nationally operating engineering firm that advises on the design and management of outdoor space.
The field of work is both in urban and rural areas and includes new construction, renovation or redesign projects. Both green and agricultural engineering, civil engineering and small construction activities have been part of their disciplines since 1973.



Grijsen park & straatdesign is convinced that a good interpretation of public space relaxes people, gives them energy and brings them closer together. The design, functionality and location of park and street furniture can make an important contribution to this. Grijsen helps to get the optimal social return from public space. The users experience pleasure, comfort, surprise, contact and security. They achieve this by putting people first, offering functional, sustainable and distinctive solutions and by being at the forefront of innovations.

Grijsen park & straatdesign

Rots maatwerk BV deals with all aspects of fountain projects. They have been working on fountains of all shapes and sizes for years, bringing to life the ideas of artists and landscape architects who have a fountain in mind. Rock customization provides advice on the appearance of fountains and the possible fountain technology. They realize a custom design and also take care of the maintenance of the fountains and trick fountains.

Rots maatwerk

Steenbakkerij Vande Moortel was founded in 1864 in the Scheldt valley in Oudenaarde. Today it is more active than ever at that same location. Led by the Vande Moortel family, the company has grown into an important manufacturer in the top segment of facing bricks and the Belgian market leader in clay clinkers. The bricks produced in Oudenaarde always meet the highest quality standards. The bricks score standard higher than the Belgian standards, which are among the strictest in the world. For example, the clay clinkers have a very low water absorption and the facing bricks have a high compressive strength.

Vande Moortel

Boomkwekerij Ebben has been active since 1862 as a producer of trees and other plants for the realization of green projects. From our vision on green and the cultivation of trees we give identity to the residential, working and living environment, we create atmosphere and we contribute to biodiversity. With a versatile and special collection of trees and shrubs for every conceivable application, we know how to transform your green project into a large-scale outdoor space. As a knowledge partner, Tree Nursery Ebben also contributes to a broad perspective on sustainable green applications in public spaces.

Boomkwekerij Ebben

Struyk Verwo Infra is the market leader in public pavement in the Netherlands. Through specialist knowledge and experience, it advises and supports clients in every phase of project realization: design, choice of materials, implementation and management issues. The result: a street-defining solution. In concrete or in natural stone.

Struyk Verwo Infra

JUB Holland, court supplier of color, is a 4th generation family business in flower bulbs. JUB offers flower bulb products in the higher market segment in Europe through innovative concepts, high quality products and customized programs. These products are partly supplied from our own nursery, where the flower bulbs are grown in a sustainable way. Sustainability is of paramount importance and can be found in the DNA of the breeding, nursery and trade through Planet Proof certification. JUB Holland also offers a wide range of organically grown flower bulbs. The company also has collaborations with NL-Zoemt, NBV, NL-Greenlabel and the Green City. An important concept is ‘De Bonte Berm’. Together with Heem/Natuurpro, Dutch roadsides get more color and biodiversity. By planting specially selected flower bulbs and herbs, at least 8 months of flowering is achieved.

JUB Holland

METTEN Stein+Design is an originally German family business specializing in stones and tiles based on concrete/natural stone composites with an extensive matching range of stair and wall systems. Our experience in developing these high-quality composites has led to several internationally patented product and production technologies. Some innovations and inventions include the CleanTop®, BlueAir® and EcoTerra® Technology. Concepts central to today’s METTEN products are durability, management and maintenance, and unique appearance. METTEN products are produced in a climate neutral way based on the CSC Certification (category Silver) and is applicable within the Breeam methodology. The company distinguishes itself by a strong focus on customization and is present since 1995 with its own office in The Netherlands.

METTEN Stein+Design

With more than 100 years of experience, Schréder is a specialist in sustainable lighting solutions for safe, comfortable and attractive living environments. As a leading global supplier, we know better than anyone that lighting can transform cities and support societies. We push the boundaries of our technologies by going beyond lighting applications. By creating intelligent solutions for concepts such as ‘Smart City’ and ‘Beyond Lighting’, our solutions are future-proof. For us, it is not only about using light as a source but also about interacting with the entire public space and its users, or Lightability. Schréder, Experts in Lightability.


Falco has been a trusted name when it comes to the design of public spaces for 70 years. Falco specializes in bicycle parking, shelters, bicycle storage and bicycle marketing. In addition, at Falco you will find traffic facilities and street and park furniture. Falco designs, develops and produces all products in their own factory. This makes it possible to also produce ‘tailor-made’ for you. Falco BV strives to have as little impact on the working environment and the climate as possible. That is why an energy transition was started over 10 years ago. Machines were replaced by more efficient machines that consume less energy. Also, almost all light bulbs have been replaced by LED lights and there have been investments in 1787 solar panels. Also, Falco uses only FSC wood for its wood-finished products. Falco’s circular manager John Wermink is investigating how we can reduce our Co2 emissions even further. His goal is also to map out how circular our product range already is based on the MKI values and what we can do to provide more circular products and services.


Vandersanden is the largest family-owned brick-producing company in Europe. We make sustainable street bricks, facing bricks, facade systems and ECO brick strips. In addition, we offer knowledge and solutions around themes such as circularity and climate adaptation. In the DNA of our family business is the will to do business for future generations. Our economic growth and financial profit is the means to achieve our goal of making an essential contribution to the well-being of employees, customers, society and the environment. We call this: collective well-being.


De OntwerpAcademie specializes in green training within short vocational education. Everyone with professional ambitions is welcome, whether you are a starter or have been working in the green profession for a while. Ecology, the love of the design profession and practical education are the basis for all training, courses and workshops.

At de OntwerpAcademie you can go for, among other things:
– Professional training in Garden Architecture
– Professional training in plant knowledge Basic and Complete
– Biodiversity Design Course
– Course in applied botany
– Course in SketchUp
– Start your own Business course
– Workshop Design your own Garden

De OntwerpAcademie is recognized by CRKBO with both Institution and Teacher Registration. In addition, the OntwerpAcademie is a member of the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO) and we have a quality mark issued by the NRTO.

De OntwerpAcademie

Yalp, as an innovative concept developer in play and sports concepts, and the NVTL have found each other just before the 100th anniversary. The NVTL’s focus on green public spaces is reinforced in the partnership with Yalp with a focus on ‘meaningful outdoor space’.

Through our public space, we have access to all our residents. We can make a positive contribution to several social issues that are at stake. What if that space is not only beautiful, but also focused on development and challenge? On inclusiveness, integration, educational disadvantages, motoric developments or on enabling the elderly to live longer at home? For everyone, at their own level. Because it is fun. The ‘new way to play’!

At Yalp we can learn a lot from the members of the NVTL when it comes to green design. And vice versa, for those interested in our slightly different vision of public space: we are open to visits from NVTL members, through personal contact, and are happy to explain our ‘Why’.


Tjinco is full of original solutions committed to the ideal gathering space. In the district, the neighborhood and the city. Where we work, move and meet. The design of a public space should stimulate people to positive behavior. Tjinco specializes in social furniture with a twist. Our offer is surprising, beautiful and sustainable. The way we live is changing. An attractive meeting place, holding meetings in nature or exercising in the open air are becoming increasingly important. This invites us to create sustainable solutions to stimulate being together and outdoors. We are doing our part by adding appropriate street furniture to the gathering space.


Sustainable trees are indispensable in our cities, they make the city liveable. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of an average urban tree in practice is only ten years, these trees therefore contribute nothing to the urban climate. Mature, functional trees are the most natural solution to reduce the effects of climate change in public spaces.

TreeBuilders operates internationally and specializes in the development, production and project supervision of innovative tree bunkering systems. Our solutions create the ideal growing conditions for trees to age in a healthy way in the city, while providing a solution for sustainable urban water management. By connecting blue, green and grey urban infrastructures, together we create sustainable urban landscapes and future-proof cities!

Our goal is to advise you on all available options and, if applicable, the technical elaboration of the specific option that best suits your project. We are happy to share our knowledge with you, gained from the implementation of now more than 1400 tree bunker systems worldwide!