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Young NVTL is a network set up especially for and by young designers up to 35 years old and (almost) working in the Netherlands within landscape architecture. Young NVTL organizes various activities based on three objectives.

Would you like to attend an activity, become active within Young NVTL, or simply learn more about landscape architecture in the Netherlands? Send an email to or follow the
LinkedIn page and we will keep you informed about upcoming activities. We are open to suggestions and questions. Participating in an activity is completely free of charge, as is helping to organize it. As a Young NVTL member you enjoy the same benefits as a regular NVTL member as well as your own annual programme.

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Representation: For a long time, the NVTL lacked a young following, and the young designers lacked representation. This was the start for Young NVTL. We want to be a voice for young landscape designers and the point of contact for colleagues of our generation. Young NVTL is there for young landscape architects, but also for students who are about to start work or designers who would like to learn more about landscape architecture.

Connecting: Through our activities, Young NVTL facilitates networking among young working designers. But Young NVTL is also there to help the new generation of landscape architects learn from the old guard. In practical terms, we want to help master’s students orientate towards professional experience and help job-seekers find an employer. In addition, Young NVTL is also there for other nationalities who come to study and work in the Netherlands, to introduce them to the professional world in our country.

Platform: The new generation of designers is faced with new challenges in the contemporary and future landscape. That is why it is important to continue to learn about new developments in the profession and to discuss them with each other after graduating. By means of professional activities, such as excursions, lectures and debating evenings, Young NVTL wants to let young designers take the lead in future design practice. It’s up to us now!


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