100 years NVTL - NVTL

100 years NVTL

The Netherlands Society for Garden and Landscape Architecture (NVTL) will celebrate its 100th anniversary on May 16, 2022. To celebrate this occasion we are organizing a large number of events through May 16, 2023 under the motto of 100 milestones, 100 meetings and 100 visions.

The NVTL looks back on a rich history, celebrates, shares passion and knowledge of the profession, but also looks ahead to the next century in which the professional community has an important role in keeping the Netherlands liveable through the use of design power.

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Since 1922

On May 16, 1922, the Union of Dutch Garden Artists (B.N.T.) was founded. A photo of the first general assembly in 1923 still exists (source: Special Collections, Wageningen University & Research – Library), which you can see above. The board is seated and the members are standing behind the board table. Present were from left to right standing: Tine Cool, J.W.M. Sluiter, Jo Bouwens, A.H. Haarsma van Oucoop, J.J. Denier van der Gon, Samuel Voorhoeve, Jan T.P. Bijhouwer, A.J. van Laren, G.A. Overdijkink, Dirk F. Tersteeg. Sitting left to right: P. Westbroek, Leonard A. Springer, Hugo A.C. Poortman, H.F. Hartogh Heys van Zouteveen, Jacoba Hingst.

The NVTL was formed in 1983 as a result of a merger with the B.N.T. and the VTL (Vereniging voor Tuin- en Landschapsarchitektuur). Since its foundation the NVTL has stimulated the professional development of garden and landscape architecture in order to make an optimal contribution to the design and development of the landscape of the Netherlands and brings clients and firms into contact with each other and with complementary disciplines. The NVTL has grown to more than 600 members, consisting of students, young professionals, regular members, agencies and retirees.

SINCE 2022

The anniversary year has begun and we kick it off with the video below in which 8 members ask each other a question.

Speaking are: Ben Kuipers (Chairman NVTL) > Rik de Visser (Vista) > Harry Harsema (Publisher Blauwdruk) > Jan Janse (Staatsbosbeheer and NVTL) > Aviva Schulze (Municipality of Leiden) > David de Boer (Flux and Young NVTL) > Frans Maas (Emeritus Professor of Landscape Architecture and oldest NVTL member) > Jannemarie de Jonge (Wing and CRa).

Anniversary calendar

[100 jaar] NVTL & BNSP: Dag van de ONTWERPKRACHT

Wed 6 July 2022

[100 jaar] NVTL & Vandersanden: Landschapsexcursie ’t Gelders Eiland

Thu 8 September 2022

NVTL & Ruyteninstituut: Excursie Beplantingsplannen

Fri 23 September 2022


Terugblik excursie Marker Wadden op 10 juni 2022

13 June 2022

Aftermovie NVTL eeuwfeest 3 juni 2022

7 June 2022

Drie NVTL Awards uitgereikt op Eeuwfeest

7 June 2022

100 milestones

The major transformation of 19th-century Holland was in the hands of the founders of the B.N.T. and the garden and landscape architects and designers who succeeded them. In the first decades parks, estates, public gardens and gardens were realized for various purposes. After the war, under the guise of ‘never going hungry again’, almost 85% of the Netherlands was redesigned through land consolidation and land development projects, assisted by garden and landscape architects.

Landscape architects played an important role in all major spatial projects, from the Zuiderzee Works to the Delta Works, and from urban renewal to Vinex projects. A century full of highlights we can look back on with pride. In 2022 we will make these highlights clear together in a visualization of 100 milestones. You will soon be able to submit a milestone via this page.

100 meetings

In the form of an event relay, NVTL organizes 100 meetings with (prospective) members, agency members, partners, governments, (educational) institutions and nature organizations that take place in different regions. From knowledge session to speed dating and from symposium to movie night.

Register your event

The NVTL tree campaign “The Forest of the Future” in the fall, a grand garden party in late spring, the festive presentation of the 100 milestones in the fall, and a surprise in the winter are firmly on our relay calendar.

100 visions

Which country do we want to live in? Landscape architects have a major role to play in tackling the major challenges the world is facing: climate crisis, agricultural transition, energy transition, housing challenge, restoring biodiversity, etc. We look 100 years ahead and design the Netherlands of 2122. On the basis of material already developed and yet to be developed, the NVTL collects a range of plans, perspectives, visions and outlooks. During the BNSP/NVTL day in July 2022 we will discuss these and explore the cooperation with other spatial disciplines. This day is also the run-up to a ‘design marathon’, in which plans for NL 2122 will be offered as a gift to NL.


Sponsor the forest of the future

As a professional community, we want to be accountable for our contribution to the best possible future for the Dutch landscape. Together with you we are planting a forest for the future that future generations and our children can enjoy.

We therefore call on all members and relations of our members to sponsor trees for this forest. Will you also contribute to the forest of the future?


Special anniversary tariff

Are you not yet an NVTL member? Then sign up, because the first 100 new regular or agency members receive a 50% discount on the first year’s dues. Check out the benefits of NVTL membership and read more about the anniversary rate.

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