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Contents of the scape issue #2 / 2023

This issue of ‘scape, is dedicated to the theme ‘nightscapes’. We dive into the world of darkness, as designer Camilla Rathsach writes: ‘Darkness is a part of the natural cycle of day and night, a basic need for all living creatures. It brings beauty to the world around us once you take your time and get to know it. This incredible natural wonder is right above our heads every night, but not visible to us because of light pollution.’ In various interviews and essays and by presenting inspiring projects we focus on all the ecological, functional and easthetic aspects of light pollution. And we try to grasp the meaning of darkness.


NIGHTSCAPES / An ode to darkness

I am passionate about the global issue of light pollution because I truly believe that it brings people together as humans on one planet, under one sky. Looking up at the stars, we realize that we are all hurtling through space on this spaceship Earth, and we are not only passengers, but crewmembers tasked with working together to ensure we make it to our destination.‘ Says Bettymaya Foott.

Bettymaya is working for DarkSky International, an organisation that strives for respect for darkness. Doing this in a world that becomes more and more polluted with light. Public space, buildings, monuments, streets, cities… we all have seen the images made by satelites. Is there sufficient understanding of the meaning of darkness?

Do we really know that more lighting is not safer and that huge damage is done to nature if darkness is not sufficiently understood? That a sustainable world treats lighting differently?

In this issue ‘scape explores the usefulness, necessity and beauty of darkness. We show how designers are trying to take more and better account of darkness. We speak with ecologists Johan Ekløf and Kamiel Spoelstra, with lighting designers such as Perry Maas (West 8, Strootman), Roger Narboni (Concepto), Onnie Tjia (Municipality of Rotterdam), Pernille Bech-Larsen (SLA), Ellen de Vries (Het Lux Lab) and Camilla Rathsach, and with Dark Sky advocates Bettymaya Foott and Kyra Xavia.

We show the impressive photographs of Anne Morley from Australia and Bettymaya Foott from the US. And we are captivated by the unparalleled beauty of the night.

With contributions by Niki Kampen, Aileen Hallie, Narcis Sastre

The nightscapes dossier is published with financial support of Creative Industries Fund NL.

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