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IFLA 2023 World Congress – call for submissions and projects

di 28 februari 2023

IFLA 2023 World Congress – call for submissions and projects now open

On September 17th 2019 IFLA´s president at the time, James Hayter, declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and called for landscape architects world wide to join together in facing these challenges.The anthropocene has made apparent the negative effects of the interaction between humanity and the planet. While nations have borders, the consequences of our collective actions and the ensuing threats facing humanity do not.

However, this era also sees new forms of interaction emerge; ones that transcends national, social and cultural boundaries as well as academic and institutional borders. At the same time old paradigms and barriers are being dissolved, and technological innovation and new forms of communication allows us to share information increasingly efficiently. The opportunities for collaboration have never been better, and never so needed. We cannot leave anyone behind.

Continuing on the 2019 declaration, the theme of the 2023 IFLA World Congress, “Emergent interaction” aims to explore emerging forms of collective problem solving, networks of ideas and borderless strategies in order to find new solutions to the urgent issues of climate change, social inequality and biodiversity.

The IFLA World Congress 2023 seek submissions within four tracks:

  • Scientific or practice abstracts
  • Design projects
  • IFLA 75 anniversary ”IFLA 75: Histories and networks” abstracts
  • Open – If you would like to submit other material that does not fit in to the other categories

All submissions (except IFLA 75) shall be connected to one of the three subthemes of the congress: Leave no one behind, Act local, think global, Beyond borders . Practicioners and students from relevant fields are welcome to submit.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1st April 2023 at 12.00 hours (CET)

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