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The new ’scape magazine is out

ma 19 september 2022

In a handy format and designed with care, ’scape#18 focusses on hope. Images by Marc Wilson and others, showing the silent remnants of war – the fortresses and bunkers – that nowadays are used for theatre and music, meeting places to enjoy life. The new issue contains also a variety of reflections on urban development in light of the Covid pandemic, a collection to provide food for thought, debate, and inspiration for urban designers and planners in their work to create more sustainable and equitable urban areas fit for the future. We have a portrait of the young Finnish office of Nomaji with their eco-social thinking and design. And we show projects in Norway, Switzerland, Argentines and the US, that can be considered as walks along the water. The beauty of the view and the experience of nature, surprisingly close. Real nature, with a rough edge. Ebb and flow, oysters, weather-beaten ropes..