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Winners Archiprix Netherlands 2021

di 22 juni 2021

Winners Archiprix Netherlands 2021: Ziega van den Berk, Hanna Prinssen, Lindsey van de Wetering, Annebé Brouwer

On Saturday June 19 the independent jury announced the winners of the 41st edition of Archiprix Netherlands. The announcement took place during a livestream from the exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. The line-up of the jury is as follows: Florian Boer (urbanism), Jana Crepon (landscape architecture), Joep Esseling (interior architecture), Kirsten Hannema (theory) and Gert Kwekkeboom (architecture).

Shared first prize (in alphabetical order)
Doggerland, the Breeding Ground of the North Sea, designed by Ziega van den Berk, AvB Amsterdam (landscape architecture)
The project adds a whole new dimension to the design of wind farms at sea by hitching the brief to nature development on the seabed. Looked at through the eyes of the marine life, the project examines the ingredients of the wind farm and explores ways of using these to further the quality of the underwater habitat.

A Fire-Scape, designed by Hanna Prinssen, AvB Amsterdam (landscape architecture)
This pioneering landscape architectural design is about dealing with fire in the landscape. Adopting the analogy of the Dutch struggle against the water, now changed into a strategy of designing with the water, this project is the first to design with fire rather than fighting it.

Shared second prize (in alphabetical order)
Poku Oso | Conservatorium Suriname, designed by Lindsey van de Wetering, AvB Amsterdam (architecture)
The music buildings together comprising the conservatory function as musical instruments themselves. This architecture of sound ushers in a wholly new and original form of expression. Social culture, biodiversity and architecture blend together into a new unified whole.

Power, Dreams, and Indifference. Architectural Means in a Young Kosovo, designed by Annebé Brouwer, TU-Delft (architecture)
The project addresses an urgent theme and is fleshed out very seriously and with great conviction. It seeks to bring young people together, giving them a place of their own as well as providing a framework that is to encourage them to get involved in the community.

download jury report (English) | download juryrapport (Nederlands)

The exhibition Archiprix Netherlands 2021 presents all 30 participating projects. It is on show in Het Nieuwe Instituut from June 5 till August 29, check for opening hours and ticket sales.

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