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scape #4: A woman’s perspective

ma 13 mei 2024

This issue of ’scape is about women’s perspectives – about how they approach their work as landscape architects, architects and urban planners. In the dossier, we portray how Tarna Klitzner, Marti Fooks, Olga Felip, Sara Candiracci and Martha Fajardo design together with the natural world, and how they take the diversity in humans and their accommodation as their central point of focus.

Next to the women’s dossier, this issue contains a portrait of Terremoto, a young and quirky design firm from the US. Not sticking to any styles, methods or office hierarchies, yet functioning as a team in which each head acts according to both shared beliefs and their own diversity of ideas, Terremoto (Spanish for ‘earthquake’) stands for site-specific landscapes and ‘guerrilla-style’ gardening.

Also part of this issue of ’scape: reviews about how buildings and places with an industrial past are being transformed in a circular way into fine, surprising places to work, live and enjoy. In Pittsburgh, with Mill 19, a circular and unique meeting point for the neighbourhood has emerged; in Barcelona the project Vallcarca Next initiated a new life for an old cement factory; in Lyon an industrial hall became a parking garden; in Athens a former airport becomes a huge green park with a carbon-neutral design; and in Detroit degeneration is reversed by the creation of the public Core City Park.

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